Palmers bucktail jigs are hand-tied and poured on Mustad Ultra Point black nickle hooks...Premium quality bucktail jigs. Proven color options and Fluke killers, great on Striped Bass and many other species as well.
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White/white sea robin Flo-Green/white
Our Price: $3.19
sea robin
Our Price: $3.19
Our Price: $3.19
White head, white hair, white wrap with silver black 3d eyes Sea robin head design with Brown and light orange hair over white hair. Fluorescent orange wrap, 3D eyes and Lateral scale flash. Mustad super sharp black nickle hook Fluorescent green over white head, with Flo green over white hair. Flo green wrap, 3D eyes and flo green wrap
Hot Pink over white Chartreuse Limetruese Glow
Hot Pink over white
Our Price: $3.19
Our Price: $3.19
Limetruese Glow
Our Price: $3.69
Hot Pink over white head with hot pink over white hair. Hot pink wrap and 3d eyes. Super sharp Mustad black nickle ultra point hooks Chartreuse jig, hair and wrap. 3D eyes with super sharp Mustad Ultra Point black nickle hook Lime and glow head with white hair as a base color and lime added on top . fluorescent green wrap, 3d eyes and lateral scale flash. Super Sharp Mustad ultra point black nickle hooks
Note: Our proprietary glow formula is costly. We add $0.50 per jig
"THE DUKE" Glow White
Our Price: $3.69
Glow White
Our Price: $3.69
The "DUKE" The jig that has won more tournament money over the years than any other!
Glow white head with Chartreuse over white hair. Chartreuse wrap and 3D eyes
Note: Our proprietary glow formula is costly and we add $0.50 per jig.
Glow white head with white hair, 3D eyes and white wrap. Super sharp Mustad Ultra Point black nickle hook
Our proprietary glow formula is costly. We add $0.50 for each jig.