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Striped Bass fishfinder J-hook rig Striped Bass Hi/Lo Rig Ultimate Chunking rig
Striped Bass Hi/Lo Rig
Our Price: $3.99
Ultimate Chunking rig
Our Price: $4.89
Striped bass fishfinder rig. Tied on 30 lb. mono and uses a Gamakatsu Baitholder J hook 6/0. Non-braid resistant fish finder slide. Our popular striped bass hi/lo rig is tied on 30 lb. mono and uses gamakatsu 5/0 or 6/0 baitholder hooks.
A quality 125 lb. test swivel is added
Ultimate chunking rig. 40 lb. fluorocarbon leader your choice of 8/0 or 10/0 gamakatsu octopus hook. Braid resistant fishfinder and sinker drop, with 125 lb quality swivel
Ultimate spot and eel rig
Ultimate spot/eel rig. Hand-tied on 40 lb Fluorocarbon leader. Mustad Ultra Point Big Gun hooks. You choose hook size and weight.
Each drail is cast in-house and uses quality 125 lb. test swivels