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Hello and Thanks for visiting my website. As an avid fisherman and former tackle shop owner as well a mating on some really experienced boats when I was in my teens, I've developed a vast knowledge of the fishery in the New Jersey, NEW YORK, and Delaware waters. Fluking is my favorite and my specialty! Over the years I have developed jigs , rigs and tested them to find the best rigs and jigs for the flatties. While constantly adapting and changing as better components come out or creating my own. Years ago many just used plain gold English style hooks to catch fluke a piece of meat and off we went. Then bucktail slides and khale hooks, then Gamakatsu hooks , everyone had to have them! Now bucktails.
For years I was playing around making some for me and some friends, Captians, and family. Then started to really develop the correct colors and pattern for our fisheries.
With over 30 yrs of fishing experience, owning two tackle shops, mating on head boats I feel we locked it down to what works and what doesn't.
Every item on my website has been tested by me, One of my field testers or one of the captains who use our products. All our products are designed to be of the highest quality and made by me and me alone. All hand poured jigs and hand tied rigs. All made with care and an understanding that no one wants to lose the fish of a lifetime to a weak leader,HOOK, swivel, three way or a bad snell. As a former tackle shop owner I've seen the quality of fishing products go down as more and more items are imported from china. Higher price and less quality. Seems backwards doesn't it? So I decided to bring quality products to the market at fair and reasonable prices . The best Bucktail jigs found anywhere, fluke rigs designed for our area, pro quality items like the GULP MATCH ROUND HEAD JIGS, ULTRA MINNOW JIGS, and our DOORMAT FLUKE SQUID RIGS.
Try my products, you'll be glad you did. Anthony Palmer